I wanted to write a blog directed to all the singles out there and for all the people who know a single person to share!

Yes, our main focus here at HHC is how to keep what you have wonderful or make it better but that doesn’t mean we don’t remember the time when we were the “Single and looking”!

I watched a really awesome ted talk recently that the message was directed at a different audience, but got a really great secondary message out of it. That message was, the best time to work on your marriage is before you have it. That is so true, because if you think about it, when you are mindful of your choices and are intentional about your decisions the person you intentionally choose to spend your life with will be a better long-term choice for you with better odds at being successful. Not choosing wisely or intentionally is, I believe, one of the biggest factors to the high divorce rate.

So what did the speaker, Meg Jay, mean about working on your marriage before you have it? I think the most important thing she mentioned was being intentional. So many us of spent much of our 20’s just living, reacting and gaining whatever experience we learned almost by accident. Her point was to not be a bystander but to take control and steer your 20’s as if it were your 30’s, don’t wait. When making relationship decisions, don’t waste time in relationships that aren’t lasting because for some people they unintentionally do become forever which doesn’t always work out. Work on yourself as a person to be who you want to be and where you want to be because when we feel complete and happy as individuals we make much better partners, so when that perfect match comes along you are ready to make it happen!

The other point Meg mentioned that could be helpful in the dating world as well as professionally, is using loose ties. Staying in your immediate comfortable zone isn’t going to push you or make you grow. Getting out there and meeting friends of friends, discussing life is going to open more doors. Doors that may lead to you being introduced to your partner. I can personally say this is how I met the love of my life and which in turn lead to the Happy Healthy Couple! We were introduced by a mutual acquaintance; I put myself out there and invited her to hang out. Over time she got to know me and realised I would be a great match for an acquaintance she had. She introduced us and the rest is history!

So get out there, take more interest in meeting new people and be intentional, have your end goal always in the back of your mind so you don’t lose sight and get lost! The beautiful thing is, if you do get lost, pick up and start again! Refocus, get on track and push forward. Whether it be for your next job, your next date or whatever is in your line of sight, proceed with purpose!