We all have busy lives, we have to prioritize and do as much as we can but let’s face it; most of us never get to the bottom of those never ending lists! It’s so easy to let our relationships suffer because we just don’t have the time or energy to make the effort it takes to really keep them as vibrant and alive as they could be. How many times have you found yourself saying, “Gosh, I wanted to call my mom, or leave my man a loving little note” or whatever is relevant to you, “but I’m just so tired; I’ll get to it tomorrow”. Weeks later you find yourself saying, “Shoot, I still haven’t gotten to that”.

The important thing to know is don’t beat yourself up. This morning and yesterday are gone. You can’t do anything about the past and shouldn’t dwell on it. Today is the perfect time to make change. Today you have a new opportunity to do those important things. Every relationship in our lives has so many important things we need to do but you have to prioritize because we can’t hardly do all of them every day. How do you know which is most important to focus on? Easy! Look at the research. Please look for yourself as well but let me sum up for you what we have read and believe in.

The number one thing, that without a doubt, you want to make sure you have in your daily life and relationships is laughter! There is endless research showing the benefits of laughter. But beyond the intrinsic value of how much better you feel when you laugh and are happy, think about the benefit between you and your partner. Laughter decreases stress, triggers endorphin’s (the feel good chemicals) that promote many positive benefits and the list goes on. You can imagine how laughing with your partner and enjoying these benefits together can lead to positive lasting results in your relationship.

So pick something that will make you both laugh and make sure you do it TODAY! It’s the best ice breaker when things are awkward or tense. How many times have you felt you could cut the tension with a knife, something happens, you both start laughing and the next thing you know all is much better. Who knows it could even lead to more fun! 😉 Start tonight, start small if you want, but focus on just laughing together. Next thing you know it’s the norm, you are having more fun, less tension and the overall “baseline” of your relationship is higher due to this fun new habit becoming second nature!

Comment below and let us know what you do to have fun in your relationships. We’d love to hear from you!