10 Best Fall Dates To Enjoy With Your Partner

Fall time is a great time to get out and go on dates. Here is a list of Fall dates you and your partner can try. Apple Orchard Apple picking can be a fun way to spend a Saturday afternoon with your loved one. Walking through the tree grooves can give you some privacy to [...]

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The Importance of Opening the Car Door for Your Wife

The other night my wife and I were coming out of the store after grabbing some food for dinner. I was holding a few grocery bags, and my wife was helping our daughter with her water bottle. As we were approaching the car, I went to the passager side and opened up the door for [...]

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3 Honest Things That Make a Lasting Happy Couple

Those who struggle to maintain happy relationships often look at happy couples as if they have uncovered a mystic secret that they do not have access to. Wondering what happy couples are doing to stay happy is a common pastime and we are here to eliminate the shroud of mystery so that you and your next [...]

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5 Rules To A Great Relationship

Stay Faithful This should go without saying, but it really needs to be said. Stay faithful to the person you choose to be with. If you truly love your partner and want them in your life then give them all of you and don’t live a life of secrets. It hurts you and the others [...]

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Put Yourself Out There And Get What You Want

I wanted to write a blog directed to all the singles out there and for all the people who know a single person to share! Yes, our main focus here at HHC is how to keep what you have wonderful or make it better but that doesn’t mean we don’t remember the time when we [...]

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5 Things You Can Do To Show Gratitude For Your Partner

When we have been in a relationship for a long period of time, often we lose sight of the importance of showing gratitude to our partners. With busy lives full of long lists of priorities it is easy to become complacent by no fault of our own but it's important to recognize and make change [...]

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A Lesson For Enjoying What Is In Front Of You

I want to share something we experienced this weekend because I think it's relevant for just about everyone. I will first start by saying we do not consider ourselves the “Happy Healthy Couple” because we are by any stretch of the imagination “perfect” or without issue. We consider ourselves (and really anyone who strives for [...]

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The Most Important Thing To Do In Your Relationship

We all have busy lives, we have to prioritize and do as much as we can but let’s face it; most of us never get to the bottom of those never ending lists! It’s so easy to let our relationships suffer because we just don’t have the time or energy to make the effort it [...]

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The Beginning of Happy Healthy Couple

We are Shane and Tevia the Happy Healthy Couple (HHC), and this is our first post! We want to welcome you to our site and thank you for reading. Follow along with us for fun ideas from recipes to make together, dates to plan, to ideas for the “little” things (which we all know are [...]

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