Stay Faithful

This should go without saying, but it really needs to be said. Stay faithful to the person you choose to be with. If you truly love your partner and want them in your life then give them all of you and don’t live a life of secrets. It hurts you and the others around you. There is almost nothing worse than being cheated on by the person you love. Stay true and enjoy the love you have with your partner.

Make Your Partner Feel Wanted

Asking for help makes a person feel like they are needed. In a relationship, this is important. Your partner is there to support you, to be your biggest cheerleader. They want to give advice and help out. It makes them feel like they are making a difference in your life. This exchange between the two of you can bring you closer together and relieve some of the burdens of everyday life.

Respect Your Partner

Respect is imperative in a healthy relationship. Everyone has different opinions, likes and dislikes. Respecting these differences between you and your partner can make the bond between you stronger. You should feel comfortable with your partner to share your thoughts and beliefs.

Don’t Flirt With Others

Being hit on by the opposite sex can make you feel good about yourself. It can also be a slippery slope going nowhere good if you decide to flirt back. You might think it’s innocent and there is no harm in it, but over time it can start to be an issue. Our minds are a funny thing. They will become conditioned that this type of behavior is ok. Also, consider that allowing someone to flirt with you is not showing respect to your partner. Within your control be true to your partner and leave situations where you or your partner are being disrespected.

Make Time

Life can get busy sometimes. Making time for you and your loved one to enjoy some one on one time is crucial to a loving relationship. You need that time to reconnect and to share your ideas and thoughts. It can be as easy as just sitting down and enjoying a cup of tea together. Or you can make it a full on date night. Make time for each other to build that strong foundation between you both.